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Miscellaneous: DJ Mixer Players

Dynatech Systems has always been dedicated in meeting the needs of sound reinforcement professionals with some of the best products available. Dynatech’s DJ Mixer players are one of the most renowned DJ Mixer players used by both beginners and veteran DJs across the world. Dynatech offers the industry’s most extensive and knowledgeable customer support along with high-level of technical education.

Dynatech Systems are powered with AXI™ advanced assymetric plan way high frequency horn design which delivers 90° of horizontal dispersion at the top and 100 of dispersion towards the bottom, ensuring that every listener hears the exact same sound throughout any venue. Using this advanced technology, the DJ Mixer players reproduce music and audio signals as they were originally captured. Resulting in high demand for these DJ Mixer players by all the audio professionals across different fields and nations.


Power Conditioner


Graphic Equalizer

  Front-Mounted Circuit Breaker Reset Switch
  8 rear panel outlets & 1 front panel outlet
  15 amp/1800watt with dimmer
  2 retractable LED lights with dimmer
  A rear TNC connector for any standard gooseneck lamp
  (With lamp included)
  Digital LED in front panel displays AC current
  Surge and Spike Protection
  EMI & RFI filtering
  Total power capacity of 1800 watt
  1U rack space
  Dual 15 band, 2/3 Octave from 31.5 hz ~ 16 khz
  +12/-12 db boost/cut range on
  20 mm slide controls 20 hz ~ 20 khz frequency response, +/-0.5 db
  Low cut filter 60 hz -3db
  XLR, TRS balance & RCA jack unbalance input
  XLR, TRS balance & RCA jack unbalance output
  RCA jack unbalance output for recording (output level -6db)
  Signal level at -10db, 0db, + 17db LEDs indicators
  Low cut & bypass function W/LEDs indicators
  AC 120V/240V switchable
  1 U rack space


Direct Injection Box


Single CD / Media DJ Tabletop Player

  Frequency Response: 10Hz to 93kHz
  Noise Level: 111 dBu
  THD+N@1 kHz/0 dBu: <0.005%
  Input Impedance: <600 Ohm
  Inputs: 1/4” jack unbal. In/Link Out
  Output: XLR Unbalanced In, XLR Balanced Out
                 Balanced 60 Ohms, Unalanced 30 Ohms
  Maximum Input Level: +10/+30/+50 dBu
  Power Supply-Phantom power: 18V DC to 48V DV
  Battery: 9V Blockcell 6LR9
  Dimensions L X D X H (mm): 164 X 155 X 82
  Net Weight: 500g
  CD Text Support (with scrolling display for long names)
  CDDA Track SKIP, MP3 File / Folder Search
  USB Input for MP3 Music with Flash Drive
  Master tempo (Key Control)
  Relay (link to another unit)
  Pitch Range: +/- 8%, 16% and 100%
  Sound Effect: Flanger, Filter, Echo, Pan,
  Chop, Brake, Scratch
  Pitch bend via jog wheel and buttons
  Single Auto CUE / Continue / Normal
  Auto BPM
  Seamless Loop/ Auto Loop
  4 Hot Cue and Hot Loop Banks
  Remote Control (Tact / Lock / Cue-Play)
  File / Folder name Display
  Id3 Display (Title, Album, Artist)
  Support Digital Out (44.1kHz)
  System Upgrade Function.
  Dimensions W X H X D (mm): 216 X 115 X 319
  Unit Weight: 4 Kg