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  • Acoustics & Sound Systems in Architectural Design: What Every Architect Should Know About Sound - A tutorial on acoustics and sound system design from an architectural perspective. Sections include acoustics concepts, sound system design principles and choosing a design team. It explains basic concepts of room acoustics and speaker placement, basic criterea for speaker selection, and the role of acousticians and sound system consultants in the design of architectural spaces. This article is approved by the American Institute of Architects for earning one AIA/CEU Learning Unit (LU). Originally appeared in ArchiTech Magazine.

  • Equivalent Throat Technology: The new waveguide technology developed by One Systems (Patent Pending) which leads to lower second harmonic and third harmonic distortion, improves beamwidth conditions & improves vocal midband response.

  • Inside only Voice Coils: The new voice coil design One Systems (Patent Pending), which achieves higher uniform heating, lower thermal resistance and less failure.

  • Loudspeakers and “throw”: Some basic knowledge related to sound directivity and propagation for sound reinforcement system.

  • Danger: Low power: Information on one of the most common causes of speaker failure -- (under powering), courtesy JBL.

  • Designing Better Sounding In-Ceiling Business Music Systems: This application guide discusses principles that are important for designing from the smallest business-music systems to the largest-scale distributed sound systems.

  • Processor/crossover setting fundamendtals

  • Line Array or Point-and-Shoot Speakers?: This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each loudspeaker type as applied to house of worship installations. The principles apply to many applications, providing concepts that help designers determine which may be most appropriate for their application. Originally appeared in Technologies for Worship Magazine.