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Since its founding, Dynatech has been devoted to meeting the needs of sound reinforcement professionals with the finest products available, the industry’s most extensive and knowledgeable customer support, and high-level technical education.

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In 2007, our group of engineers from different parts of the world including Canada, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and China came together to create and support high-quality products for sound reinforcement, designed to meet the real challenges faced by audio practitioners. Today, the company’s track record shows extremely high demand and satisfaction by our customers.

Dynatech has more than 80 employees at its sales office in India, R&D laboratory in Taipei Taiwan and factory in Guangzhou China. The company works closely with professionals in all areas of sound reinforcement, gathering information on customers’ needs and providing the tools, training, technical support and information to enable the best experience possible for sound system users and audiences alike. Dynatech products are designed at the R&D laboratory in Taipei, Taiwan. All electronics are manufactured in Taiwan as well whereas the loudspeaker systems are assembled in China where high technology is combined with hand craftwork. By performing core processes in house, the company is able to exercise the control to insure its quality standards are met and that each unit is exactly the same as the last.

Under the Sonotone Group (distributor of Mackie, JTS, and biggest buyer in the world of P.audio loudspeaker components) Dynatech Systems are now powered with our AXI™ advanced assymetric plan way high frequency horn design which delivers 90° of horizontal dispersion at the top and 100 of dispersion towards the bottom so that every listener hears the exact same sound throughout any venue. Along with P.audio component technology, we strive to reproduce music and audio signals as they were originally captured. The result has been a broad line of products built expressly to serve the needs of audio professionals. Our products will help you in the difficult task of reproducing music and audio signals as they were originally captured. We are proud to make our contribution in raising your product performances to excellent.

About AXI™:

AXI™ Axial Interface Advance Horn Design is an Asymmetric plane wave high frequency horn that has a combination of Line array dispersion and the dispersion of a point source full range loudspeaker together. The result is a horizontal dispersion of 90° at the top and 100° at the bottom of the loudspeaker. The varied dispersion pattern allows the sound from the woofer and horn to appear coherent, as a single point source while giving a controlled dispersion similar to that existing in line arrays. The result is a better, longer and even coverage throughout the venue giving the listeners the same exciting experience irrespective of where they are seating or standing through out the venue.

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