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Miscellaneous: Single CD / Media DJ Tabletop Player

Single CD / Media DJ Tabletop Player

  CD Text Support (with scrolling display for long names)
  CDDA Track SKIP, MP3 File / Folder Search
  USB Input for MP3 Music with Flash Drive
  Master tempo (Key Control)
  Relay (link to another unit)
  Pitch Range: +/- 8%, 16% and 100%
  Sound Effect: Flanger, Filter, Echo, Pan,
  Chop, Brake, Scratch
  Pitch bend via jog wheel and buttons
  Single Auto CUE / Continue / Normal
  Auto BPM
  Seamless Loop/ Auto Loop
  4 Hot Cue and Hot Loop Banks
  Remote Control (Tact / Lock / Cue-Play)
  File / Folder name Display
  Id3 Display (Title, Album, Artist)
  Support Digital Out (44.1kHz)
  System Upgrade Function.
  Dimensions W X H X D (mm): 216 X 115 X 319
  Unit Weight: 4 Kg