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The P. Audio ‘Golden Master’ GM15-88N is the intersection of advanced design and state of the art manufacturing. The GM15-88N is a 15 inch (381mm) low frequency transducer for high performance professional audio. The 3.5 inch (88.9mm) inside/outside wound voice coil is designed for superior reliability and excursion, featuring high temperature aluminium wire and extended winding length. The lowweight neodymium magnetics maximize the coil’s strengths by providing extra strong magnetic flux across its whole range of movement. This keeps coil motion faithful to the audio signal without distorting. Aluminium ‘demodulation’ rings negate inductance effects in the motor, further improving the fidelity of coil movement. The neodymium magnet structure cooperates with a carefully optimized venting system on the bottom of the sleek Golden Master chassis to control airflow around the voice coil. This cools the durable design to further levels of reliability without losing sensitivity – the GM15-88N is rated at 2800 W peak power handling/ 700 W AES continuous power handling with nominal sensitivity of 98 dB. Linear and symmetrical stiffness behavior of the suspension compliments linear coil motion.

The GM15-88N’s large diameter spider is a durable silicone laminate design that provides symmetrical displacement and reliable voice coil positioning even after hours at high power levels. The cone features a proprietary doubleroll cloth surround. The perfect match of material and geometry mean ultra-low distortion of cone movement and ultra-low distortion of sound. Coating keeps the cone rigid and waterproof during operation. The ideal application for the GM15-88N is in very high performance sound reinforcement and large format public address systems. It is ideal for use in a well-tuned vented enclosure - both two-way full range and double 15” sub-woofer designs. Performance is optimized when using a high pass 4th order Butterworth filter tuned near the enclosure vent frequency. The GM15-88N offers a 45-2000Hz useable bandwidth, though the actual crossover frequency will be determined by the driver and horn combination in the user’s system.


  Nominal diameter   381 mm / 15 in
  Peak Power   2800 W
  AES Power   700 W
  Nominal impedance   8Ω
  Sensitivity (1W/1m)   98 dB
  Frequency range   50 - 2000 Hz
  Chassis type   Cast aluminum
  Magnet type   Neodymium
  Magnet weight   0.38 kg / 13.3 oz
  Voice coil diameter   88.9 mm / 3.5 in
  Coil material   Round Aluminium Wire
  Former material   Glass fiber
  Cone material   Paper
  Surround material   Cloth
  Suspension   Silicone Impregnated Spider
  Xmax   0.5 mm / 0.02 in
  Gap depth   19 mm / 0.75 in
  Voice coil winding width   20 mm / 0.79 in
  Unit weight   7.1 kg / 16.7 lb
  Shipping weight   8.4 kg / 18.5 lb
  Packaging dimension WxDxH   415x415x230 mm 16.3x16.3x9.1 in


  • 3.5” Large Format Voice Coil
  • 2800 Watts Peak Power Handling
  • 98 dB Sensitivity
  • FEM Designed Neodymium Magnetics
  • Precision Round Wire Inside/Outside Coil Design
  • Triple Aluminium Demodulation Rings


  Fs   46 Hz
  Re   5.6 Ohm
  Qms   5.42
  Qes   0.52
  Qts   0.47
  Bl   17.18 Tm
  Mms   93.03 g / 3.28 oz
  Mmd   78.65 g / 2.78 oz
  Vas   128.51 lt / 4.54 cu.ft3
  Sd   855 cm2
  Le   0.52 mH
  Cms   1.3e - 04 m/N
  Rms   5.1 Ns/m