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1.4" Exit HF Drivers


The P Audio SC-N1.4 is a very high performance large format compression driver with enhanced time domain response. The SC2-N1.4 features an optimized geometery PET suspension coupled to a titanium dome. The diaphragm assembly is a nominal 3 inch (76.2mm) diameter. The exit diameter is an industry standard 1.4 inch (35.56mm) diameter. The driver features a finite element optimized Neodymium based magnetic assembly that provides extended high frequency response and bandwidth. The ultra high magnetic energy insures elevated thermal reliability and reduced high frequency power compression as well as extended high frequency content. The PET suspension material offers both excellent amplitude response characteristics and superior time domain response. The result is substantially improved clarity thru the upper vocal range. The rated bandwidth is 1000Hz to 20kHz. The minimum recommended crossover frequency 1000Hz.

The SC2-N1.4 is rated at 400 watts of peak power handling (100 watts continuous) and includes standard bolt on mounting. The SC2-N1.4 is compatible with many P Audio high frequency horns as well as commonly available horns. The SC2-N1.4 is an excellent high frequency driver for high performance two way and three way sound reinforcement systems. The SC2-N1.4 is an excellent match for the P Audio SC horns that feature a 1.4 inch throat diameter.


  Throat Diameter   35.5 mm / 1.4 in
  Power Peak   400 W
  AES Power   100 W
  Nominal Impedance   8Ω
  Sensitivity (1W/1m)   108 dB
  Frequency Range   1000-20000 Hz
  Recommended Min.  Crossover
  1000 Hz
  Magnet Ttype   Neodymium
  Diaphragm Material   Titanium
  Surround Material   Mylar
  Voice Coil Diameter   74.4mm/3 in
  Voice Coil Material   CCA-R
  Mounting Type   Bolt On
  Overall Diameter   132 mm / 5.2 in
  Mounting Hole Diameter   4xM6 PCD 101.6 mm
  Unit Weight   2.8 kg / 6.2 lb
  Shipping Weight (2 pcs)   6 kg / 13.2 lb
  Packing dimension WxDxH   180 x 360 x 135 mm
  5.3 x 14.2 x 7.1 in


  • Large Format Wide Bandwidth Compression Driver
  • 1.4” Exit Diameter
  • 400 Watts Peak Power Handling
  • Titanium Dome, Mylar Surround
  • Bolt On Mounting