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The P Audio EM12-LB300 is a high performance 12 inch (305mm) diameter low frequency/full range transducer. The EM12-LB300 is an excellent choice for full range two way designs where high reliability and power handling as well as excellent transient detail are specified. The M12-LB300 features 1200 watt peak power handling (300 watts continuous) and extended bandwidth frequency response. The 3 inch voice coil diameter provides excellent power handling and controlled moving mass. The result is a high efficiency design that offers high impact response and high reliability. The 3 inch coil design offers less moving mass than larger voice coil designs. The reduced moving mass offers superior transient response as well as extended high frequency bandwidth.

The EM12-LB300 offers a 40Hz to 3500Hz useable bandwidth. The performance of the EM12-LB300 is optimized when using a high pass 4th order Butterworth filter tuned to near the enclosure vent frequency. Although the woofer is rated to 3500Hz, typical high frequency crossover points will be based on the compression driver and horn combination used for the high frequency section.


  Nominal diameter   305 mm / 12 in
  Peak Power   1200 W
  AES Power   300 W
  Nominal impedance   8Ω
  Sensitivity (1W/1m)   95 dB
  Frequency range   40 - 3500 Hz
  Chassis type   Heavy Duty Stamped Steel
  Magnet type   Ferrite
  Magnet weight   2.31 kg / 81.4 oz
  Voice coil diameter   76.2 mm / 3 in
  Coil material   Copper Clad Aluminium
  Former material   Glass fiber
  Cone material   Paper
  Surround material   Cloth
  Suspension   Single
  Xmax   3.4 mm / 0.13 in
  Gap depth   10 mm / 0.39 in
  Voice coil
 winding width
  16.8 mm / 0.66 in
  Unit weight   7.7 kg / 17 lb
  Shipping weight   8.5kg / 18.7 lb
  Packaging dimension
  355x355x200 mm
  14x14x7.9 in


  • 3" Voice Coil
  • 1200 Watts Peak Power Handling
  • 95 dB Sensitivity
  • Ferrite Magnetics
  • 2 Layer Round Wire Coil Design
  • Stamped Steel Chassis


  Fs   61 Hz
  Re   5.6 Ohm
  Qms   9.33
  Qes   0.45
  Qts   0.42
  Bl   16.08 Tm
  Mms   53.88 g / 1.90 oz
  Mmd   46.84 g / 1.65 oz
  Vas   50.01 lt / 1.77 cu.ft3
  Sd   531 cm2
  Le   0.53 mH
  Cms   1.3e - 04 m/N
  Rms   2.23 Ns/m